Frequently asked questions

1. Is there someone I can contact directly if I have any questions?

If you cannot find answers to your questions about using the portal or registering in the FAQs, please contact Corinna Belosevic from the childcare team at Ravensburg city administration office: If you send an e-mail, please also include a telephone number where you can be contacted in case of queries.

2. Do I have to register to see what the different childcare facilities offer?

No. The LITTLE BIRD parent portal works like a search engine. You can search for a facility and look at the results in a list and on the map without having to register beforehand. You can also see the individual profiles with information on the respective childcare facility as well as contact details. If you would like to visit a facility before reserving a place, please arrange an appointment.

3. Why do I have to register?

You need to register if you would like to apply for a place for your child. It is also the only way to see the status of your application. Furthermore, you can only save your search and bookmark a childcare facility if you have a personal account.

4. How can I apply for a place?

To request a place at a childcare facility, you must first register. Use the mouse to click on the “Create childcare application” button, which takes you to an online form. You must fill in the fields marked * with the correct data and then send off the application. The childcare provider will be sent your data and informed that you are interested in a place. Due to high demand, you are also recommended to send an application to childcare facilities lower down your priority list.

5. What are the criteria for being accepted?

You can find the criteria for getting your child accepted in a pre-school childcare facility in the municipal area of Ravensburg as well an information on the admissions procedure on the homepage of the city of Ravensburg under the following link (in German only):

6. What do I have to consider when completing the online forms in the parent portal?

Make sure you enter all the data correctly (changes can only be made later on via the childcare facility, see question 13). Fill in all the fields marked with *. If an entry does not conform to the specified format or a discrepancy is detected, the corresponding field will be highlighted in red and an exclamation mark on the field will provide further information on re-entering the data.

7. Why is a telephone number required for a childcare application?

Your telephone number is required so that the childcare provider can contact you if they need some clarification about your childcare application.

8. What does the "priority" field mean in the childcare application?

The “priority” field refers to the selected childcare facility and must be filled in. For example, if you want to reserve a place in more than one childcare facility, you can prioritize them according to your preferences. Entering priority “1” in your application for a certain childcare facility means that this childcare provider is your favorite.

9. What happens after I have applied for a place?

Your request will be passed on to the childcare provider(s) you have chosen. You will then receive an e-mail saying whether your application has been received. You can see the current status of your application in the parent portal.

The closing dates for applications and the exact times for the allocation of places can be found on the town’s website under the following link (in German only):

10. How are places allocated?

There are three possibilities:

Possibility 1 – “A place is offered and accepted by the parents”

  • You will be contacted in person if this has not already happened.
  • You are offered a place by the childcare provider. (You must accept the place in the parent portal within one week of receiving the offer. Until then, your other applications remain active.)
  • You accept the place. (Both parties reserve the place, the childcare fees must only be paid after the date of admission.)
  • You receive an individual contract from the childcare provider.

Possibility 2 – “A place is offered and rejected by the parents”

  • You will be contacted in person if this has not already happened.
  • You are offered a place by the childcare provider. (You must reject the place in the parent portal within one week of receiving the offer. Until then, your other applications remain active.)
  • You reject the place. (Once you reject the offer of a place, it is no longer valid and will be deactivated in the system; all other applications are reactivated.)
  • You can now make a new application and/or wait for an answer from other facilities you have already applied to.

Possibility 3 – “No place is offered”

  • For example, the childcare provider has no free places in the foreseeable future and rejects your application for a reason. (Your further applications automatically remain active.)
  • You can now make a new application and/or wait for an answer from other facilities you have applied to.
  • If you do not receive an offer of a place from any childcare facility, contact the administration office of the city of Ravensburg (see question 1 of the FAQs).
11. Can an application be rejected?

Yes. An application is a non-binding request for a place that allows the childcare provider to plan the number of places required. You do not have a legal claim to the reserved place vis-à-vis the childcare provider or responsible body.

12. How do I get an interview with a childcare facility?

The childcare facility generally invites you to a personal interview or contacts you by phone. Following this, your details are confirmed in the system and places can be allocated and contracts drawn up. The allocation of places is determined by the childcare provider or responsible body themselves. The city of Ravensburg has no influence on the allocation of places. If you have any questions, please contact the respective childcare facility directly.

13. How can I change the data I have entered (e.g. due to moving house, birth of a child, changes of address, etc.)?

If you wish to change your data at a later point in time, please contact one of the childcare facilities you have applied to. It is not possible to change your data directly in the parent portal for reasons of data protection.

14. How can the priority be changed afterwards?

It is only possible to change the priority until the registration deadline. This can be done by the applicants (parents) by deactivating the previous request and re-submitting a new request with the released priority. As an alternative, the applicants (parents) can also request the change by e-mail (e-mail: To do this, please specify how you previously assigned the priority and how it is to be changed (Indication of the institution with priority).

15. Do I have to specify a second contract partner?

Yes, if you are married or have joint custody of the child for whom you have submitted a childcare application, the name of a partner must be provided.

16. How can I place siblings in the same childcare facility?

If you already have a child in a childcare facility, you have the option to indicate this directly in the childcare application form. In many cases, childcare providers give preference to siblings when allocating places. However, there is no guarantee for this. The final decision lies with the childcare provider or the responsible body, taking into account the available places.

17. How can I contact the childcare provider personally or directly?

To make direct contact with a childcare provider, use the childcare provider’s contact details, which can be found in the respective profile in the portal.

18. Why do I still have to introduce myself personally?

It is essential for the allocation of places that you introduce yourself in person for security reasons, in order to identify you as a real person. Your request for a place can only be considered once you have introduced yourself or contact has been made by telephone to rule out any “fictitious requests”.

19. What is a responsible body?

A responsible body is the term for a legal entity or person who manages one or several childcare facilities and ensures that the legal requirements are met. The responsible body is not the management of the childcare facility.

19. Was ist ein Träger?

Träger ist die Bezeichnung für eine juristische Person, die eine oder mehrere Kindertageseinrichtungen führt und für die Einhaltung der rechtlichen Vorgaben sorgt. Es handelt sich dabei nicht um die Kita-Leitung.